Thursday, October 11, 2007

CISA Exam Preparation

Well this year deadline has passed. Those who were in time for registration should begin the preparation. Others who decided not to attend this year exam have chance to do preparation without rush.

Let me share some experience in my approach to CISA exam preparation.

First of all you need to read latest CISA Review Manual.

In second place you need the questionary. I browsed ISACA bookstore and found that they issued highly interesting product - CISA Practice Question Database v7 English Edition (web site download). It inlcudes all questions of this and previous year questionary (825 questions). But I should warn you that only small amount of these questions will be inlcuded in your CISA exam.

It is why whe main purpose of the questionary is to give confidence that you mastered "right common sense" feature (I mentioned this in my previous article).

My approach was very simple. I red CISA manual step by step, and practised each area of exam with the questionary until I got acceptable results 95-99% right answers in each area.

Unfortunately i had no time to participate in any additional CISA training courses. But if you have extra time and money why not. It is a good opportunity to summarize your knowledge after reading CISA manual. Another option is to read additional books.
I chose some for you:

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide

CISA Exam Cram 2

CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide

CISA Exam Prep (ACM Press)

Next time I want to discuss the similarity and difference between Internal and External IT Audit.

Please stay in touch I decided to publish the articles every week. :)


Andrey said...

I also used only Cisa Review Manual and Cisa Practice Questions Database.
But I answered on one chapter questions and observe results.
Then I started to read related Cisa Review Manual chapter and make more attention on topics where I made incorrect answers.
I do not know is it ok to use only manual or to buy additional questions.
Review manual is not easy-reading book. And it is not very interesting reading. I think we need more easy books like "for Dummies" series to create "right common sense".
But anyway Cisa Review Manual is primary book. And you need spend a lot of time with it.

Anonymous said...

You need to understand main idea of this manual, but also you should pay attentions to details. Details will give you a SCORES to pass the test. Remark: some questions can be out of common sence of "your best practices", because ISACA thinks so, so read more, answer the questions, and think like CISA...

Anonymous said...

Dear Buddies,

May anyone of you can explain in detail about the SCALE SCORE SYSTEM which is gona applicable in Dec. 2007 exam.

I will be really grateful to you.



Imtiaz Ahmad,ACCA

TJ said...

Please see this post

Andrey said...

Imtiaz Ahmad,
I was confused with new score system when preparing to exam.
And I do not understand completely how they calculate this new scores.
And why minimus score is 200.
Anyway you should be prepared as much as you can and remember that 75% correct answers is still minimum to pass the exam. And how they recalculate this 75% in new scores really doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

One of my close associates is a CISA holder and a top computer brain. He has recently started a blog only with intention of helping out CISA aspirants. You may visit his blog at

CISA made Easy - Blog devoted for CISA. You will difinitely benefit from his adivse.

Good Luck,

With regards,

Andi Krasniqi said...

Passed recently the CISA exam and here are some advices that helped me pass the exam. Try to learn from any video course provider for CISA. Personally I did use CBT Nuggets. They are good and short. You can complete their Video Course for 12 hours. I did run the video course for 4 weekends in a month.

Additionally you should practice with the Exam Prep's there are a lot and pretty much all are the same. Personally I did use an app from app store called CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor - Exam Prep. It is very convenient and practical to have the practice exam in your hands at all time "I was literally practicing even when I went to the toilet" the benefits of technology.

You should be able to pass after all of this. I hope this was helpful enough.


christopher said...

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